Kevin’s Travel Blog-4: St. Louis

Hello Everyone & Happy Sunday!

I finished my trip in Arkansas on June 10th. My friends and I had a great conversation until about midnight. The conversation was on matters relating to faith, morals and some issues within contemporary American society. It was rather intellectually stimulating, for me at least, and I hope it was for the others. Earlier in the day I was able to visit my old college friend. He was getting ready to leave his work in order to tend to some family business. We found a little time and I am grateful for our visit.

My sincere thanks to my friend “RD” and his roommate “GJ” for hosting me. If I am able to get back up that way, I would like to do so again.

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Kevin’s Travel Blog-1: Visits & Stories of Faith

Hi Everyone! I have made it successfully through the first part of my travels.

The first stop was visiting my sister and her husband up in Ft. Worth, TX. We had a nice 2-hour long visit from 10 to 12. We talked about all things new apartment, living in Texas and family affairs. It was a good visit and I hope to visit again soon, or have them down to visit me.

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