New Fátima Articles

Hi Everyone! I want to direct you to some new articles that I have written about Fátima that are published by the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA Inc. (WAF-USA).

The first article is: Open or publish? A question on the third part of the secret of Fátima.

The second article is: Sister Lúcia and interpretation of the third part of the Secret.

The Open or Publish article discusses whether or not Our Lady had commanded that the third part of the secret was to be published in the year 1960. Some information has recently come to light which gives one pause to examine the matter.

The Sister Lúcia and Interpretation article examines a discrepancy between some new information from Sister Lúcia with a statement from Cardinal Ratzinger in his Theological Commentary.

Please do check them out!

Fátima and Zavala


Versión en español aquí

Hello Everyone! Summer is winding down but life is still as busy as ever!

I want to write about the book El secreto mejor guardado de Fátima by the Spanish writer José María Zavala. Earlier this summer, Zavala received some publicity from the famous Italian journalist and vaticanista Marco Tosatti. I have

seen that Zavala’s work is being discussed in various circles and decided to take a look at the book. The present post is not intended to be a strict book review. Rather, I want to highlight some things that are of interest.

In summary: I am not a fan of El secreto mejor guardado de Fátima.

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